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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.


The Missing Comatose Woman - Sarah Ettritch

Fun read of a new PI whose first case is to find her client's comatose mother who was taken from the hospital. She follows clues and gets in trouble all the while falling in love with the neighborhood barista.

I loved these characters, especially Grandma. She's a riot. The story is far-fetched but the telling is good. I got caught up in it as Casey works on the mystery. It is a quick read. I hope there is more coming with these characters.

HEAT & LIGHT by Jennifer Haigh

Heat and Light: A Novel - Jennifer Haigh
  Well done story about a community and the effects fracking has on it whether they leased their land or not. A very timely book especially where I live. So much that happens in the book is happening here and knowing people who have leased their land to the companies doing the fracking, I see the same thing happening here.

These are good characters. I liked the storylines for each of them. I wish Jess' would have ended better. I did not like Kip and his cronies. As long as the money was coming in, they never questioned or reined in Kip. I liked Rich's introspection as the end. Excellent reading. Worth your time.


How My Drum Major Turned Me Gay - Julie Zen

First time experience between the drum major and the sousaphone player in a practice room. It is down and dirty but I miss the build-up and anticipation of the sex. It was a wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.         

A NEW PROSPECT by Wayne Zurl

A New Prospect - Wayne Zurl
  I enjoyed this book and finished it in less than a day. I wanted to know who dunnit. I thought it was someone else until Sam said he figured it out then I knew I was wrong.

I like Sam and his crew. They make a good team which they need as too many others seem to be working against them. I enjoyed the story. I had fun reading this one.


Point Shot Trilogy Box Set - V. L. Locey
  I loved this trilogy. I was glad I did not have to wait for all the books to be finished before I read it. Victor is a world-class jerk (I'd use something stronger but I'm trying to keep it clean.) He has no filter. Dan is liked by everyone. Eventually he takes the edge off Victor but, like Victor, I wonder what Dan sees in him. Victor does soften up some as Dan's influence settles over him. I like how their personalities come through the story. As Victor begins to open his heart he softens.

I liked the story. It has to be read in order as each new book picks up where the previous one ended. The sex is hot and plentiful but there is more than sex in the series. A good hard look is given to puck bunnies and the affect they can have on players' lives. Jealousy rears it's head in the last two books as Dan has to deal with it in regards to Victor and a puck bunny. Victor has to look as his childhood, his recent past that caused him to be sent down to the minors, and where he is headed in the future. I liked that the team gave Victor a chance to straighten himself out.

I liked how the team came together. I especially like Mario McGarrity and his kilt. He is the sidekick that is needed at times when the main characters are emotionally overloaded. I plan on getting more of this teams' books.

LILIANA'S LETTER by Alina K. Field

Liliana's Letter - Alina K. Field
  Good story of Liliana helping Katie to find the right husband. Lord Grigsby sees Liliana and hopes she is not the one destined to marry his wastrel nephew. They are attracted to one another but Liliana has a secret in her past that will bring scandal on anyone who marries her.

I liked these characters. I liked that they were older than most Regency romance characters. I enjoyed the story. I was glad that Grigsby did not worry about Liliana's past. He was persistent to have her as his wife. I loved the ending.

SIMMERING ICE by Veronica Forand and Susan Scott Shelley

Simmering Ice - Veronica Forand, Susan Scott Shelley
  Annie is a physical therapist who meets Alec when he visits the hospital for the children. She looks a little like his late wife. She makes poor choices when it comes to men and he is not looking for a commitment. But they keep seeing each other and her mother keeps undermining her confidence until it comes to a head between them. They have to decide what is best for them.

I liked these characters. Annie needs to learn to communicate and tell Alec what she is thinking instead of making assumptions based on what her mother says. I like Alec's teammates. They are regular Cupids.

I plan on reading the other stories in this series.

LIVE BY NIGHT by Dennis Lehane

Live by Night - Dennis Lehane

I did not realize there was an earlier novel in this series. This is a standalone book. Joseph Coughlin is working on the opposite side of the law than his father who is hoping to become the Police Commissioner in Boston. Joseph is involved in robbery which leads to cops dying. He is arrested and sentenced to prison where he meets Maso, head of a powerful crime family in Boston. After his release from prison he goes to Tampa where he heads Maso's family branch there.

I enjoyed this story. The era of Prohibition, rum runners, and gangsters is portrayed very well here. Joe is not the strong arm. He works to get agreements from all parties involved. He gets involved with Cubans and gets them to work with him and cut out the others. He builds his own mob.

I liked the characters. They were complex--not all good or all bad. I like how Joe backs up his people and how he stands up for what he believes as he gets higher in the organization.

I will be reading more of this author

UNTIL YOU by Melody Heck Gatto

Until You: Prequel to the Renegades Series - Melody Heck Gatto
  Introduces the Pittsburgh Renegades series a little. Surfer Sam plays hockey in California. He meets Trina at the beach in Delaware. Turns out that Trina sings the National Anthem in Winnipeg and her brother plays hockey in Pittsburgh. Trina has many problems that she is dealing with.

I liked that Trina came to trust Sam. I also liked that Sam earned her trust. They were a good couple who learned that communication could deal with whatever was given to them. There is not much hockey but there is some hot sex.

I look forward to reading the full series since my appetite for the Renegades has been whetted.


The Lawrence Browne Affair - Cat Sebastian
  Georgie is a thief and con man. He is sent by his brother to Cornwall to check on the mental condition of Sir Lawrence Browne after Georgie runs afoul of his criminal boss. Lawrence is an inventor as well as an Earl. He is considered mad since his father and brother were mad before their deaths. Georgie checks it out and finds that Lawrence is different but not mad. Georgie brings stability into the household.

I liked these characters. They were perfectly matched. Where one was weak, the other was strong. They allow their feelings to grow for each other and realize they need what the other brings to the relationship. Even when Georgie tries to protect Lawrence, Lawrence thwarts his efforts and does the protecting. The story pulled me in from the beginning. I wanted to know what Georgie wanted to know and how he knew it when he finally figured out what was happening at Lawrence's estate.

I look forward to the other books in the series.


Should've Known Better - Cassandra Carr
  One of Cassandra Carr's best stories. She gets these characters right as they deal with timely incidences in their lives. Sarah does not want to go public with their relationship which causes problems for Sebastian.

I like the way the situation was handled. I thought it was well done and sensitively handled. I could understand both sides though not agree with Sarah and her reasoning. She needed to decide what was more important. When she did decide she almost lost what was most important. I am glad they were able to work it out.

CHECKING IT TWICE by Samantha Wayland

Checking It Twice (Crashing Book 2) - Samantha Wayland
  Alexei and Mike's Christmas story. They have special gifts planned for one another. They also are involved with Rupert and Callum's family this Christmas season.

I love these characters. This is a heart-warming story that made me feel good. Wonderful!

CRASHING THE NET by Samantha Wayland

Crashing the Net - Samantha Wayland
  Alexei is sure Mike does not know what he is asking for when Mike wants to hook up with Alexei. Mike knows exactly what he wants and he knows Alexei can give it to him.

I loved these two guys. They are caring men. They are strong. Both know their own minds and will grab what they want. They create a family with Rupert and Callum (from Home and Away) and their family. I love the dynamics between the two men and how they complement each other.

I cannot wait to read their next book.

THE BRICK WALL by Stephanie Julian

The Brick Wall (Redtails Hockey Book 1) - Stephanie Julian
  Good opening for the Reading Redtails series. Goalie Shane Conrad has been having a hard time in the net. Everyone's advice is to take some time off and quit thinking about hockey. He meets Bliss Vescovi and decides the others may be right. Both think it will be a one-night stand or over at the end of the season but their hearts decide for something else.

I enjoyed this story. I loved the characters. I liked that not every character was perfect. They had flaws and disabilities. Bliss has to stop thinking she can read others minds. Shane is a good guy who puts many males to shame. I liked the strong connection Bliss had to her family and I liked how others tried to tell her she could pursue other courses in her life.

I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

HOME AND AWAY by Samantha Wayland

Home and Away - Samantha Wayland

  Dealing with reconstruction at the hockey arena as well as managing the Ice Cats, Rupert needs to find his little brother in England. He is not prepared to handle everything in addition to Callum Morrison, part owner of the team and NHL goalie. Callum has his own problems to deal with but he becomes a source of strength to Rupert as his life changes.

I liked all the characters in this book. I wish I would have bought the whole series at once because I want to know more about all these people. This was not a typical m/m sports story. There was so much packed in this book. I loved how these characters became a family though few of them were related by blood. It was a good portrayal of how regular life impacts careers and how what you think you want is not what you really want or is good for you.

There are pasts that come to light. There are issues within each person's life that must be dealt with. Watching Rupert and Callum open up to each other was wonderful. Watching them present a united front when dealing with Oliver, Rupert's young brother, and Christian, a pre-teen boy who may be gay is amazing. I could feel the love these guys had for each other, the children, and their friends.

I am getting the rest of this series. This book was so amazing.

SUMMER PASSIONS by Michelle McMasters

Summer Passions (Seasons of Love) - Michelle Mcmaster


3 short stories starting with CUPID’S DART.  Shooting the Marquess of St. Clair in the leg with an arrow was not part of Daphne’s plan.  She just wanted to beat him at something.  Now she must pay for her sin by nursing him back to health.  I liked Daphne.  I could see her eyes rolling constantly as he teased her and as she watched the parade of ton women visit him.  I could feel his need to harass her by being outrageous.  The story was too short and I felt like I was dropped into the middle of it when things come to a head between Daphne and the Marquess.  I would like to see this developed into a novella or full length novel.


Next is LADY ASHTON TAKES A LOVER.  Often left alone by her husband, Clarissa finally accedes to her friend’s advice to taka a lover for the summer.  Clarissa meets an Adonis at the ball but he disappears.  Going into the garden he reappears and becomes her lover while her husband is knocking at the front door.  I liked this story.  Clarissa takes matters into her own hands.  She finds the lover she wants and appeases her neglecting husband. 


The final story THE WEDDING PARTY has Lady Althea Ramsay taking a letter from her late brother to his friend the Duke of Wakefield asking for help.  Invited to the same wedding as her former fiancé, she wants Wakefield to go as her escort.  He attends as her fiancé and puts a plan in action to show the former fiancé what he has lost.  I enjoyed this story.  I liked Althea.  She seems a mouse but has a backbone.  I liked the scenes between her and Wakefield.  They are an evenly matched couple. 


I look forward to reading the other seasons in this series.