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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.


Arabella's Taming (Bridal Discipline Book 5) - Golden Angel Arabella overhears Thomas tell her brother what he considers the perfect wife which criteria Arabella does not meet. She decides she will no longer try to be on her best behavior any longer since he does not want her as a bride. At a ball she gets drunk and initiates a kiss with Thomas while on the balcony with many witnesses. Thomas does the right thing and offers for her. Will they marry? Will they be happy? I enjoyed this book. I wondered who would win their battle of strong wills. Both need to learn to communicate. Both think the worse of the other when things don't go their way. Arabella learns that what her friends told her is true. Thomas learns that Arabella will often go to extremes to prove him wrong. I loved when Arabella realizes why Thomas did not want to marry her plus when she realizes he does not like seeing her with former suitors. It's almost like a light bulb goes on above her head. When they both come to the same realizations at the same time, it was what we all needed. I am going to miss this series. However, Mary and Hartford--minor characters here--begin a new series and I look forward to reading about them there.


Tortoise Interruptus - J.L. Merrow

Tip has been cursed by a witch to turn into a tortoise, mostly at inopportune times. He is tortoise-napped by a little old lady. Trying to escape her, he finds the most exquisite man ever who reads the same authors. Will he run when Tip turns into a human? Why was he tortoise-napped?


I enjoyed this short story. It was funny. I would like to see it developed into a longer tale or this be the prequel to a novel on Tip and Steve. It was sweet. Poor Tip! He is lost as to what happens to him and when. He knows the why. I liked Steve trying to reassure Tip as to why he was tortoist-napped. This story made me feel good and that's okay for a rainy day.


Children's Book: The Soap Box Derby [Bedtime Stories for Kids] - V Moua

Sammy is riding his bike when a soap box derby car speeds by him causing him problems. He decides he must build a soap box derby car to beat the one that almost ran him over. And so he does.


I love Sammy. Once again he asks us for help. He does forget a few things for his car but remembers them when he runs into trouble.


I look forward to reading Sammy. He makes my day.

GROWL by Becca Fanning

Growl (BBW Bear Shifter MC Romance) (MC Bear Mates Book 0) - Becca Fanning

Mars and Mundo are talking about how the MC has changed since Jackson took over as Prez upon the death of their old Prez, Cub. He is getting them in to stuff they don't want to be involved in. Mundo tells Mars of a reporter he can go to for a story to be run. Will they do it?


I enjoyed this story. I was sucked in right away. I liked Mars and Mundo. I liked Annette, the reporter. Unfortunately, just as it was getting good, cliffhanger! I was not a happy camper. I will be picking up the story in the next book. I cannot wait to see what happens.


Cassie's Marvelous Music Lessons - Sheri Poe-Pape

Cassie's new owner, Mrs. Applebaum, is a music teacher. Cassie wants to teach her students also, but she gets told to go to her bed. Cassie finally has enough of her bed so she shows Mrs. Applebaum she knows music. Mrs. Applebaum gets an idea and makes a surprise for Cassie. What is the surprise? Will Cassie be allowed to teach the children?


I enjoyed this story. Cassie has definite ideas about how she can contribute to the lessons, but will Mrs. Applebaum let her? I liked how Mrs. Applebaum brought Cassie into the lessons. It was a perfect solution. I appreciated how Cassie wanted to be involved with the students as well as their acceptance to her.


I look forward to reading more of Cassie.

FRENCH TART by Sloane Taylor

French Tart - Sloane Taylor Doni is in France to be trained by a Michelin starred chef. Sebastian is undercover keeping an eye on Doni. Doni knows something is up with Sebastian because he does not seem to know anything about cooking. They are attracted to each other but trying to stay apart. When they clean up the school's kitchen, they get much closer. Will it work out? What happens when Doni learns Sebastian's secret? I enjoyed this story. It was fun, especially Pierre. There was a lot of jumping to conclusions. When the conclusions are discovered to be wrong then Doni and Sebastian as well as others can start straightening out their lives. I look forward to reading more of this series.

FRENCH TART by Sloane Taylor

French Tart - Sloane Taylor Doni is in France to be trained by a Michelin starred chef. Sebastian is undercover keeping an eye on Doni. Doni knows something is up with Sebastian because he does not seem to know anything about cooking. They are attracted to each other but trying to stay apart. When they clean up the school's kitchen, they get much closer. Will it work out? What happens when Doni learns Sebastian's secret? I enjoyed this story. It was fun, especially Pierre. There was a lot of jumping to conclusions. When the conclusions are discovered to be wrong then Doni and Sebastian as well as others can start straightening out their lives. I look forward to reading more of this series.


The Naughty Nineties A Saucy Pop-Up Book for Adults Only - Peter Seymour, Lesley Jane Kaiser, Borje Svensson, Keith Mosely, John Strejan

A Pop-up book for adults about the Naughty Nineties--that's 1890's--the end of the Victorian Age. It shows what would be incorrect behavior today.


I enjoyed this book. It's tongue-in-cheek humor. I found it fun and giggly. It has the tabs just like the kids' pop-up books. It just something to enjoy and maybe figure those Victorians were not so tight laced as they seemed. Just enjoy!


The Keeper of Lost Things: A Novel - Cecily Ruth Hogan

To paraphrase the words of Belle, I have just finished the most magnificent book. I LOVED this book!

Anthony hires Laura as his housekeeper. Laura is divorced and lonely. She needs something different to do. Anthony has been a finder of lost items which he brings home and meticulously records when and where he found them. Upon Anthony's passing, Laura is left his home with instructions to find the owners of the lost things he has found through the years. Can she do it?


These characters are wonderful. I laughed. I cried. I saw things come full circle. There are three stories in these pages. Anthony and Therese's story is the first and, for me, maybe the most tragic. Eunice and Bomber's was, perhaps, the funniest though it also brought me to tears. His sister, Portia, made it both funny and sad. Laura and Freddy, the gardener, was the most recent. Each story has its highs and lows. Each person must determine what is right and best for them. At times I was not sure if the choice was right. But I grew to love these characters.


Another character, Sunshine, Anthony's neighbor girl was a bright spot. She saw with the heart. She was honest, even when people did not want her to be so honest. Her openness was wonderful as she knew stories of the things Anthony found.


Stories came full circle at the end. My heart ached for the endings at times. Other times I was cheered by those endings.


This is not a book to be overlooked or forgotten. It is a wonderful story full of magic and love. It is a keeper!

CHRISTMAS WISHES by Joann Baker and Patricia Mason

Christmas Wishes (BBW Holiday Romance) - Joann Baker, Patricia Mason

Susie has had a crush on her boss for the year she has worked for the company. Her best friend, Mark, comes over after work but she is off hand with him, and he leaves her apartment. The next day her boss tells her she is going to a charity function with him, so she asks Mark's advice for an outfit. Since he does not answer her calls all weekend, she buys lunch and goes to his worksite. Will he be happy? Will Susie be happy? Who will she choose--her boss or her best friend?


This story was so short that everything happens so fast. I never had a sense of the characters. I had no idea of who she should be with. I assume she made the right choice, but this was a vignette where I knew what was happening but not what emotions were being felt. I would like to see this expanded and more character and plot development.


Cookie Busters! - M.F.   Smith

ChiChi invites her friends over for dinner but had no time to make dessert. Teddy Bear wants dessert. Bunny does too. They see the cookie jar on a high shelf across the kitchen. Teddy devises a plan and they're off on their cookie hunt. Will they suceed?


This is adorable. It's more for early readers as there are more words and few pictures but your older toddlers might sit for it. It is exciting as the stuffed animals come up with and execute Teddy's plan to get the cookies. He also has learned by watching Mum how to get the cookies. This is a fun read with more story than most children's books.


Shoemaker Martin - Leo Tolstoy, Bernadette Watts, Brigitte Hanhart

Martin is a shoemaker who likes to read the Bible after his work is done. One night after putting his Bible away and going to bed, he hears a voice but sees no one. The next day he helps Stefan the street cleaner, a young woman and her baby, and a boy accused of stealing. That night as he reads his Bible, he hears the voice again. Who is it? What did Martin do that made the voice and himself happy?


I liked this story. It is based on the Bible story of Matthew 25:35-46, which are my most favorite verses. Martin is kind to those in need. He helps them in small ways but to the Lord they are big. The story takes place in winter but can be read any time. It is a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations. This is a keeper.


Mr. Dickens and His Carol: A Novel - Samantha Silva

Charles Dickens is having financial problems. His last book did not sell well. His publishers are threatening to deduct money from his royalties for their loss. They tell him he must write a Christmas story with less than two months before Christmas. He has lost his muse. At home, his wife is having baby number six. She is obsessed with their Christmas party. His children are obsessed with what they want for Christmas. Charles has lost his way and his good cheer for Christmas. He is fighting with everyone. He does not want to write a Christmas story but needs the money. Can he find his muse? Can he find the spirit of Christmas?


I loved this story. I felt like I was in Dickens' London. I love the nods to his other works, words, and characters. The characters of Dickens, his family, his friends, and his rivals were wonderful. I felt like I knew them and loved or hated them. I liked how he had to go back to the beginning to find his story. I enjoyed his interactions with Eleanor who points out what he feels, what he's missing, and what he needs. She is so spot on.


This book resonated with me. I will tell you to keep the tissue handy. You will need it. These people were so real to me. I hated leaving them. This is a keeper. Maybe not one I can read every Christmas season but one that needs a re-read and someone else to discuss it with each reading. There is so much there. So much wisdom, so much delight.


Dangerous Curves: The Ultimate Curvy Collection - Skye Eagleday

These are short stories some of which are interconnected. All involve a big, beautiful woman and a man who likes them curvy. Some of the characters are Latino. Others are Native Nations, Others are paranormal creatures. I liked them most of them.


The first story, Loving a Wounded Hero, deals with a returned veteran who is hospitalized with war wounds and his physical therapist. She has been the only one who has stayed with him and gotten through to him. I liked Clay and Kloe. He may be an SOB at times, but Kloe is just as stubborn as him. She breaks through his walls and lets him be a man despite how messed up his thinking is.


Next comes How Bad Can a Cowboy Be? Kathy has inherited a dude ranch from her mother and goes to see it. She meets the resident cowboys. She has preconceived notions about the personnel at the ranch. She finds out she is wrong plus she and her mother had the same tastes. Meanwhile, her cousin Bree, who is also her roommate, is a counselor at summer camp where she meets Jesse. Since all the women flock to Jesse, Bree wants nothing to do with him. When she finally has him, she realizes she was wrong about him wanting a big woman. I like Kathy and Bree. They are free from societal conventions and open to enjoying themselves. Although not quite as free as Bree's sister Delia, who we meet in the next story.


The next story, Dominatrix and her Cowboy, is connected through the people with How Bad Can a Cowboy Be? Delia, who is Bree's sister, has gone to the Pendleton Round-Up to take care of her family's tepee for a day while they are away. A drunk cowboy wanders into her tepee while she is getting her luggage for the night. She finds him in her tent, explains the tepee was no historical exhibit, and punishes him for his error. Delia is harder to like than Bree. Delia just takes charge and expects people to do what she wants them to do.


Loved by a Cowboy is a standalone story. Tony Biggs, a rodeo star, stars in a music video. He becomes even more known but his world collapses when his wife dies. He starts keeping company with Jack Daniels. One night he goes to a neighborhood restaurant/bar where he gets drunk. Claudine, daughter of the owners, drives him home. Her truck won't start, and the weather is getting back so she stays the night at Tony's. She makes him dinner then goes to bed in the guest room. He takes a blanket into her room and is attracted to her. What's he going to do about it? I had some problems with this one as he did not have consent. She was okay with it as she had wanted him a long time, but I think he should have woken her up and asked first.


Handyman Loving was another standalone story. Toby is hired by Bettina to remodel her kitchen. She is highly attracted to him, so instead of remaining in the kitchen and staring at him, she goes back to one of her bedrooms and uses her battery-operated boyfriend. Toby has a question and goes to find her. When he does, she is fulfilling her fantasy of him. He's drawn to her and does as she asks, only to find out she was fantasizing. He lets her know she is his dream, and they let their feelings go. I liked Toby. He does have second thoughts about what he is doing to her as she sleeps and gets a shock to find out she was not sleeping but things work out for them.


Messing with the Missionary Man is about a stepbrother and stepsister finding out they like each other before he goes on his mission. I did not like this one. It was not as erotic as the rest of them. I did not like the characters. Aaron seemed to coerce Jessi. The story did not flow smoothly into the erotic like Loved by a Cowboy and Handyman Loving even though consent was iffy in all three stories.


The last story is interconnected with Bree and Delia again. Bree is camping and trying out a new BOB when Mikah's pack is taking a Run during the full moon. He smells her along with four other pack members and goes to her tent. Bree invites Mikah in not knowing he is a werewolf. They begin a relationship and get engaged. Delia goes camping also but being the Dominatrix she is, her camping trip is different. She's waiting for the werewolves to appear and gives them a welcome they'll never forget. She also gets a reputation that none of the wolves will challenge. Mikah and Bree marry. At their wedding, new information comes out about Bree and Delia's family from their grandmother. I liked this story. I liked the different points-of-view. I like Bree and Mikah. They bring out the best in each other. Both get want they need and want. Delia also gets what she wants. She can dominate as much as she wants and not have to worry about permanent injury.


I liked Skye Eagleday's writing. I enjoyed the little she shared about Native Nations. I look forward to reading more of her.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

My annual reading of A Christmas Carol. I always enjoy watching Scrooge change his ways. This time I picked up some new things that Scrooge says and does. Didn't expect that after all these years of reading it. Worth reading. The Christmas season would not be complete without reading this.


12 Days of Christmas: A Counting Christmas Book for Kids - Rachael Poole

A counting book for toddlers using the carol, The 12 Days of Christmas.  As you read the book with your child, the child can count along with the verses of the carol.  The illustrations are bright and colorful.  Each page corresponds to a verse with each animal or person doing something different and wearing different outfits.  This is a cute book for your toddler and a good way toa remember the song for you.