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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.

BUBBLES DAY by Ally Nathaniel

Bubbles Day - Ally Nathaniel, Anahit Aleqsanyan Bubbles gets to do her favorite thing--blow bubbles. The illustrations are wonderful and colorful. The story is perfect for your 3-5 year old who is learning to read. My only complaint is that there was more information about the author than there was story. Bubbles deserves more space.

DRAGON'S BREATH by Michael Gordon

Dragon's Breath - Michael Gordon

Joe, the dragon, does not like to brush his teeth so each night he does not. His breath is so bad his becomes the smelliest in the family. George, his boy, decides to set up a contest to get Joe to brush his teeth. Will it work?


This is the cutest story about good oral hygiene without being preachy. The illustrations are fabulous. The tale is told through rhyme. I enjoyed this book so much. I love Joe! Perfect for your 2-6 year olds who are learning to read.

BEEWITCHED by Julia Dweck

Beewitched - Julia Dweck

Cute story of Beetrice who loves bees so much she becomes one. She learns what is like to be a bee and needs rescued. But who will rescue her?


I enjoyed this story. It is bright and colorful. It is fun. It is imaginative. I learned what it takes to be a bee. I loved how anything to do with b was emphasized.


My only complaint is the dialogue is written in red which on a Kindle is hard to read especially if you are older.


I look forward to reading more of this author.


Birds for Beginners: Birds of North America in Pictures - Pippa Cloverdale

Book of birds with characteristics and photos of the birds. I learned about some birds I had never heard about. I liked learning which birds were state birds as well as what were native species and which had been introduced to North America.


There were a few typos. I wish some of the photos would have been bigger. While seeing some of the birds in flight, I would have liked to see them at rest to get a better idea of what they looked like.


This is good for learning about the most common birds in North America and your back yard regardless of your age.


Billy and the Monster Who Ate All the Easter Eggs - David Chuka

Imaginative story of Billy and his Monster friend who love to celebrate holidays but love Easter most of all because of all the chocolate, their favorite thing. But chocolate at grandma's tempts them too much and they learn the value of moderation.


I chuckled as Billy and the Monster make a mess of the Easter chocolate. I shook my head as Billy decided he could get up early to clean the mess (like he is any different from the rest of us--ain't gonna happen!) An adorable story for your 3-5 year old.

BEARS by Kay de Silva

Bears: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Our Amazing World Series) - de Silva,  Kay

Bears are interesting.  I learned a lot reading this children's book, like Australia has no bears.  I also learned about bears I never knew existed.  I liked the photographs accompanying the prose.  I enjoyed a small description of their eating habits and where each bear can be found.  A good educational read for your 4-8 year old.

BEARDED by Jeremy Billups

Bearded - Jeremy Billups

What a wonderful book! Bear has a long beard and as he travels throughout the world he finds other animals with beards.


This is so much fun. I liked that each illustration shows the visited animal and place as well as something from that country. The drawings are fantastic! The story is cute as can be. I loved it (and I don't like beards.) It is perfect for your 2-5 year old.


A Madness of Sunshine - Nalini Singh

Anahera returns to her home town of Golden Cove after the death of her husband. She comes back full of rage and bitterness but hides it well. When Miriama, a local girl, goes missing the town looks for her. Anahera becomes close to the cop in the town, Will. The two are attracted to each other but because of their pasts they try to deny the attraction. Both are broken but with Miriama missing other pasts come up in the town including the town's past. Anahera gives information to Will and together they try to piece the town's pasts, residents' pasts, and current events to find Miriama.


I enjoyed this story. There is a lot of pain in the town as well as both Will and Anahera's life. I was glad that Anahera was able to fit back into Golden Cove although she knew she could not stay. I liked that she was able to befriend Jemima, the wife of a childhood friend. The friendship caused both to be able to say things that others would not have understood since they had not gone through them. Both needed a friend.


I appreciated that Will was flawed. He had his own baggage and was able to handle Anahera's anger and rage and understand it. Golden Cove had its secrets but also gave up the secrets.


I have to admit I did not anticipate the ending, was actually surprised by part of it. A good story that kept me interested and not wanting to put it down.


104 Funny Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes 4 kids (Joke Book for Kids) (Series 2 ) - Ryan  Williams

Silly knock knock jokes that the kids will get a kick out of.  There are duplicates and proofreading could have been better.  Included are bonus knock knock jokes from his other three knock knock jokes.  My favorites were 58 and 75.  I chuckled at those ones.

NEEDLED TO DEATH by Maggie Sefton

Needled to Death - Maggie Sefton

Kelly and Jennifer take a knitting group out to Vickie's farm to see her alpacas. When they get there Kelly finds Vickie dead. The police seem to look at Vickie's estranged husband for the murder. Kelly is not happy with that and starts digging deeper. When Vickie's daughter ends up dead, Vickie knows the police are not looking in the right direction. She figures it out as she is doing the books for the attorneys for Vickie's estate. But how does she prove who murdered Vickie? And who murdered Vickie's daughter? Why?


I enjoyed this story. I have read other stories in this series (out of order.) I like the main cast of characters. Each has their flaws and quirks. They are like old friends to me. This time I did figure it out (alright, so it was the last quarter of the book.) I also figured out the motive although it was circumstantial until the end. I liked the mystery and solution. Kelly is not afraid to ask questions but man, she came close this time. Good thing she had back-up.


I look forward to more of the series.


Animal Life Funny & Weird Land Mammals: Learn with Amazing Photos and Fun Facts About Animals and Land Mammals (Funny & Weird Animals) (Volume 5) - P T Hersom

I liked that little known animals were shown as belonging to the mammal group.  There are also well-known mammals.  I liked how where they lived was given along with what they ate.  Then facts were given that maybe I knew but mostly were new to me.  I appreciated when I was told when an animal was extinct in the wild but still alive due to protected areas/captivity.  While I am not happy about the captivity, I am glad the animal (I'll let you learn which one it is) is not totally extinct.  I learned a whole lot about these mammals and in a delightful way.  Perfect for your 4-8 year old.


All About Frogs and Toads, A Kids Introduction to Frogs and Toads - Fun Facts & Pictures About the Worlds Coolest Amphibians! - Susan G. Charles

I learned a lot about frogs and some about toads.  I now know the difference between them.  I liked how the book was divided into sections so that I got the cycles they live through.  I liked that pictures were provided but I would have liked to see a photograph of the frog or toad that was being spoken about above or below the information not just random frogs.  I liked the illustration of the poison dart frogs.  I wish they would have been named.  They were colorful and I had to guess which one was the yellow banded poison dart frog.  But I did enjoy the information.  This is a good overview for your 4-8 year old. 

ANIMAL ALPHABET by Michelle Zimmerman

Animal Alphabet - Michelle Zimmerman

The ABC of animals.  What makes this so outstanding are the illustrations.  They are fabulous.  I loved the accessories some of the animals wear as well as the different animals.  D is not just for dogs.  I loved this!

AMAZING MALLIKA by Jami Parkison

Amazing Mallika - Jami Parkison

Mallika is a tiger cub who along with her mother and brother have staked out the watering hole waiting for prey to catch to eat. A peacock comes and Mallika pounces on it and her brother tries to steal it. Mallika loses her temper and her mother tries to teach her about losing her temper. When the monkeys start to tease, once again Mallika loses her temper and it has consequences. While Mallika tries to control her temper, she cannot sometimes and she has bad consequences. When she falls into a ancient building she finally learns the value of controlling her temper.


I liked this book. I loved the illustrations. I like that a lesson was taught through example rather than telling Mallika not to lose her temper. I also appreciated how Mallika finally learns the lesson.


I enjoyed the section after the book given to parents and teachers on how to teach about emotions. It felt very spot on. I liked that a list of books in this series and what they taught were given. I loved the last two pages where a short history of India is given as well as an introduction to the animals in the Ranthambhore Park.


An enjoyable story where I also learned a lot of new information.

ALPHABET ALL-STARS, VOL. 1 by Scott Gordon

Alphabet All-Stars Animal Pack: Volume One - Scott Gordon

Four little books using animals to teach the alphabet to the little ones.  Perfect for the 2-5 year in your life.  I liked Obi the Owl taking us into each book.  The illustrations are so cute.  There is repetition as well as new animals introduced each book.  I found this adorable.


The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls, #2) - Kristen Painter

Hank, the eldest son of the Georgia wolf pack's alpha, agrees to an arranged marriage with the daughter of the alpha of the Tennessee pack to pay off a debt. He does not expect much in the match especially since he meets her in his jail locked in a cell. Ivy, the daughter, is attracted but is keeping secrets so that Hank cannot say no to the marriage. Will they work it out? Will they marry? What are Ivy's secrets?


I loved this book. Hank is so reliable and steady and honest. He is a good guy and Ivy has had so few of them in her life. Ivy, to her good, is not happy about the secrets but she will do what she must to protect her son. When Hank finds out about Ivy's son and reads between the lines of what Ivy's childhood was like, he is determined to protect them both. I liked how far he is willing to go for the two of them. I also loved the bond between the three of them as the wedding grows closer. This is a perfect read. I felt so good after closing the covers. I had a hard time walking away from this book.


I look forward to the rest of the series.