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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.


The Soldier's Scoundrel - Cat Sebastian
Jack Turner does discreet private investigations for people. He also solves their problems. Oliver Rivington is the youngest son of the Earl of Rutland and he comes to Jack to find out what Jack was doing for his sister. While there, Lady Wraxhall comes in and wants Jack to find out who wants to blackmail her over letters she wrote years ago to a hometown beau. Jack takes on the case and Oliver goes along with him to stop him from breaking the law. Along the way the two men fall in love but neither tells the other. Oliver's brother-in-law dies and both suspect more than an accidental death. So they both look into it. Was it murder or just an accident? Will they stay together?

I enjoyed this book. I liked Jack and Oliver. They were total opposites in their outlooks on life but they cared about each other. No matter what circumstances were thrown at them they overcame it though it was close for a while there. The secondary characters were there to move the story along. I had questions about them but most were answered.

I enjoy Cat Sebastian's writing and will be reading more of her.


Sweet Carolina - Roz Lee

 Carolina takes over as the Hawkins racing team owner after her father passes. Offers have been made to buy the company but she refuses to sell. She needs an aggressive driver to win races for her team so she goes to childhood friend Dell Wayne who was fired by his former team for being too reckless on the track. Neither has been around the other for years and did not know how they both grew up. Fighting their attraction for each other does not help the rumors about them, especially Caro. Little things keep happening until trouble springs up after the first race Dell wins for Hawkins Racing. Is Dell guilty of sabotaging Hawkins or is something else going on?


I liked this story. I liked Carolina and Dell. They are a good couple. The racing was exciting as was the behind the scene stuff. The secondary characters are a mix of good and bad though we don't get to know them as well as we know Carolina and Dell. I would have liked to see a story with Richard Warner, a driver with another team.


I always enjoy Roz Lee's stories. I look forward to reading more of her.


The Arrangement 1 - Abby Weeks

Walter has received a promotion and life as he and April know it will change. First they move, get new furniture, look at boarding school, then April realizes more will change. As she meets the partners and their wives, she knows there is much she has not been told.


I liked April. I dislike Walter. The partners are on the periphery now. I suspect I'll learn more of them and their wives in the next episodes of this series. I think I know what will be going on. Something tells me I will never like Walter but I do not know if I will like any of the others.


This book is the set up for the series. The world building is good. I feel like April. I'm confused and at a loss as to what to expect and what is expected of April. I hope to find out soon what happens.


The Mystery Woman - Amanda Quick

Belinda finds her employer near death. He tells her to run. Someone has been sent to kidnap her but he does not know why. Belinda heeds his advice and runs before the murderer comes back into the room. She hides but is found by Joshua Gage, a former spy for the Crown. Now that he has found her he believes she is neither a murderer nor a blackmailer which is why he was sent to find her. She is a private detective and together they join forces to find who wants her and why. What they find is a madman.


I loved this book. I liked the historical element of Egyptology to tie the story together. I also liked Joshua and Belinda being on different sides of the debate of logic and reason vs. paranormal activity or intuition. Joshua and Belinda work well together. She has pulled him out of his year-long fog after an assignment gone wrong. The villains are hiss-worthy. I liked Joshua's nephew who is like him. The story was so interesting it was hard to put the book down.

I will be reading more of this series.

NAUGHTY NEIGHBOR by Janet Evanovich

Naughty Neighbor - Janet Evanovich

Louisa's upstairs neighbor is giving her fits. The worst thing is the day he steals her newspaper. She is up for a confrontation then only to see him and realize he's gorgeous. He likes her, too, but both try to deny their feelings because the other is the opposite of him/her. Pete, the upstairs neighbor, is a screenwriter and working on the mystery of a pig who went missing. He pulls Louisa into his investigation, only to become overprotective and realize he has come to love her. Can he keep her safe? Can he get her to marry him?


I enjoyed this story. It is madcap and crazy and fun. I like Louisa and Pete. I laughed as they got into some predicaments. Louisa's dream of her wedding is a hoot. Her Grandma Brannigan is also. The story is crazy so suspend belief but it is perfect for a summer day on the patio or beach.


Caught in the Moment (Freefall #1) - Brandy  Walker

Laurel is the photographer for the yearbook in high school. She crushes on Quin, the football team captain. After taking photos of the team, she takes some candid shots of Quin and he notices her and makes a derogatory remark that ends up making her last year of high school a living nightmare. Ten years later she is taking photos for a book and ends up at his skydiving school where he does not remember her. When he finally puts it all together he wants to make up for what he did in high school. She still has her crush but will she see him as anything more?


I enjoyed this story. It was quick and focused on the two of them. She tries to keep the personal from the professional but the lines blur. I liked that we get his thoughts on what happened in high school and what he hopes for now. I liked both Laurel and Quin but his brothers still the show when Laurel goes to Guys Night. I laughed at how they teased Quin. Just like siblings!


I hope I already have the next book in the series; otherwise I might not be able to finish this series. And I want to!

NATURAL LUST by Sara Brookes

Natural Lust - Sara Brookes

In Hard as Stone Garrett has been watching over Brady, an ER doctor. One night Brady loses a 5-year-old and cannot accept he cannot save everyone. He runs from the ER going to a building that calms him a few blocks away. Garrett, the building's owner, sees Brady staring at his building and goes out to talk to him. They talk about the gargoyles around the top of the building and Garrett issues an invite to Brady to come see them some time. A few days later Brady accepts the invite and goes to the penthouse. Garrett saves him from falling and they spend a sexy night together. Will they have a relationship or is it only a one-night-stand?


I enjoyed this story. I liked the practicality of Garrett and his desire to help Brady. Brady has to learn some truths about his life and about Garrett before they are able to move forward. I liked Brady's desire to help everyone. Some he cannot help but others he can which he does in the ER. While there are secondary characters they are only there to move the story along. The story focuses on Brady and Garrett. They are a good couple.


In Chasing Sin Kate, Tripp, and Snyder are storm chasers. Kate takes a lot of chances while chasing tornadoes. She puts them all in danger on one chase. She's mad when Snyder rescues her before the tornado touches down. Their anger changes when they get back to the hotel where the three share a hot night followed by Kate leaving. They meet up again during hurricane season as they track Hurricane Jean which changes course as Kate had predicted. Now they are caught up in one of the worst storms every. Will they survive? Will Kate finally accept the love of Tripp and Snyder?


I liked this story. Kate was stubborn but so was Snyder. She has a hard time trusting her feelings for the men. They can accept her as she is. Secrets come out and Kate has to decide if she can accept their love. That will only happen if they survive the hurricane in her childhood summer home. When that hurricane hit I was scared for them. I hoped all would work out for them.


The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story - Marion Dane Bauer

Rose finds a china doll hidden in the attic. Her mother is afraid she will break it but Rose says she won't. When Rose has been teased at school she runs from school crying and the doll comes to life. She is a princess and lets Rose know it. They go on adventures and Rose grows up but will she leave her princess doll behind?


What a delightful story! I loved how there is a narrator who throws asides out to the reader. That is fun. I liked Rose and how she and her brother reconnected over the doll. He has a story to tell and she learns it. She knows that the princess is there for her but sometimes she forgets that she needs to be there for the princess. A wonderful read for those 6 and up.

WHIMSY by Majel Stites Redick

Whimsy - Majel Stites Redick

Wonderful story of Whimsy who lives in Kiowa Bend, Oklahoma and her view of small town life.  We all know characters like these ones but they make us smile and remember them even as they aggravate us.  While this is written from Whimsy's first person point of view, at times there was a change of viewpoint that changed between characters without any notice.  I had to re-read it when that happened to figure out whose point of view it now was.  Still a heart-warming read.


Her Enemy Protector - Avery Flynn

Ruby Macintosh, stepdaughter of Northern Europe's biggest crime lord, is blackmailed by Lucas Bendtsen, head of Elskov's CIA equivalent, the Silver Knights, to get him into her stepfather's island and organization to stop a gun deal from going down. Their pretend engagement is to save her brother who the Silver Knights have in custody. When they get to the island, her stepfather suggests they get married on the island. They agree but Ruby has one request of Lucas--that her brother be brought to the island for the ceremony. Now Lucas is up the creek. Truths come out and Ruby and Lucas try to keep from falling in love. But it may be too late.


I loved this book. I loved Ruby and Lucas. She is feisty and strong. She won't take anyone's garbage. Lucas is stubborn but against Ruby he has no safety net. I was surprised by both Ruby's mother and brother. The story is hot! Both Lucas and Ruby have a lot to lose if this fails. Both need to decide what is more important--the mission or each other. What an ending!


I'll be looking the the other books in the series.

WRATH'S EMBRACE by Tawny Taylor

Wrath's Embrace - Tawny Taylor

Magus and Cyr are two of 14 immortals who have sacrificed their lives for the continuation of mankind. These two men carry Wrath inside them and they are coming close to losing their battle as they search for the one who will love them and save them from losing what humanity they have. Gina comes to live with her grandmother next door to Magus and Cyr and four of their friends. The men know she is the one but, although attracted to the two men, she is preoccupied with her grandmother and the loss of her old life. Secrets have kept but now must be told to save all three of them.


I enjoyed this book. I liked Magus and Cyr and Gina. I liked her grandmother also--what a scamp!  The story caught me up and put me in Gina's shoes. I wanted to be her. When all the secrets are out they all have to decide what choices to make. Gina probably has the most to decide. She walks a fine line between staying and running. But like all good ménage romance she works it out for everyone's satisfaction.

DOWN AND DIRTY by Erika Reed

Down and Dirty (Sons of Sinners) (Volume 1) - Erika Reed

Zoey is looking for her brother who she finds in a Motorcycle Club. The president and vice-president see her and are attracted to her innocence. She is attracted to Stone and Jace also. Will this work out or is she too innocent for them and they too rough for her?


I enjoyed this story. I liked the chemistry between Zoey, Stone, and Jace. I liked how they decided they would see what evolved from their attraction which only got hotter the more they got to know one another. It was fun seeing how Zoey had the two of them wrapped around her little finger. I plan on getting the rest of the series to see how things work out for these and other club members.


The Good Luck Sister - Jill Shalvis

Tilly was the BFF of Dylan. When they grew up he left without a good bye to join the military. Tilly went on without him but 10 years later he is back and wants to get back together with her. Tilly is mad and tries to avoid him which is difficult since he is in her class. How will she keep her distance from him when she still feels the same pull?


I enjoyed this story. It is short but a lot happens. I liked Tilly and Dylan of today and yesterday. Both want to protect the other. I enjoyed how the class was on Dylan's side. I also liked how people tried not to take sides but eventually Dylan's past story comes out. His friends are a hoot. Her sister is a riot. I loved the story and the characters.

BLOOM AND DOOM by Beverly Allen

Bloom and Doom - Beverly  Allen

Liv and Audrey own a floral shop and are the go-to place in Ramble. Audrey's old friend, Jenny, comes in with her mother to arrange the flowers for her wedding to Derek Rawlings, son of the socially prominent family of Ramble. Jenny comes back later to tell Audrey the wedding is cancelled. Later that night Derek is found dead. Now Audrey must find out who did or Jenny could face life in prison.


I enjoyed this story. The world building is good. The story drags as the beginning but there is more action after the murder so it picks up. I only could remember who the killer was when I realized I had read this before--before I used Goodreads.


I liked the characters. Some of the secondary characters will be recurring ones. Others are one and done. I like the way the recurring characters have created a family for themselves. I appreciated how none of them wanted to listen to gossip but it was necessary to find the killer. I hope I can get the other books in the series.


Dirty Filthy Rich Boys - Laurelin Paige

Sabrina goes to Harvard on a scholarship. In her Ethics class she sees Weston King and falls for him so she goes to parties at the Keep trying to meet him. He always has someone so one night he forgets to latch the door leading to the bedrooms upstairs and she follows and watches him. She then becomes aware someone was watching her. She gets into a discussion the Donovan Kincaid who is the TA in her Ethics class. Later that night while waiting for an escort car she is rescued from attack by Donovan. Her thoughts then turn to Donovan. What is she to do?


I liked this story. I liked Sabrina. She is trying to to her best in school to keep her scholarship. Meeting Weston and Donovan does mess up her thoughts. Both are privileged and know it. Some bad circumstances cause Sabrina to go home. Then this ends on a cliff hanger. I have to get the rest of the series.


Knight of the Captive Heart - Carolina Valdez

Christina wants to be a knight but she is the daughter of Lord Michael, Earl of Gladsbury. Her father wants her to dress and behave as a girl. He has a plan but Christiana is not happy with it. Arriving to joust at Gladsbury is Rowan, the fifth son of a Normany lord. He pledges his allegiance to Lord Michael but his heart belongs to a woman in Normandy. Guy DeBere, a knight who saved Sir Michae's life in the Crusades, wants to marry Christiana. Chistiana does not want to get married. What is she to do?


I enjoyed this story. I did not think I would but I could not put it down. Christiana is feisty and has a mind of her own. Rowan is at a loss as to what to do. He has been besotted for years with Diantha but does not have enough money to provide a house for her. Now he is attracted to Christiana. When Christiana runs away, Rowan goes hunting for her and they come to an understanding. I liked their solution as well as her father's.


The medieval period comes through very well. I felt I was back in that time period. This is worth reading. I also have seen a few more books by Carolina Valdez that I want to read.