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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.

HEARTLAND by Sarah Smarsh

Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth - Sarah Smarsh

I could identify with Sarah's emotions as she talks about growing up even though I grew up in the city while she was in farm country and there is over 30 years between us.  She had a hard life but survived and succeeded by choosing not to follow her family's cycle.  She is between two worlds but can handle both.  She tells the truth and I felt bad for her but rooted for her to break the cycle of poverty.  I was glad to see her make it.


Creation in Death - J.D. Robb
An old case comes back to haunt Eve and Feeney.  Now they must get him before Eve is the victim.  It seems the serial killer is after Roarke and his people.  This time the killer leaves clues that they can follow.  They have their plan and it fails.
I love Eve and Roarke.  I like the family that's been grown around them with friends and co-workers.  When Feeney feels left out, Eve and he get into it and Eve feels bad which she never would have before Roarke.  I like the interactions between personal and professional lives.  This is comfort reading for me.


Pearls and Poison - Duffy Brown

I love this series.  Kiki and Reagan crack me up as they go out and about solving murders.  This time Reagan must find the killer of the man running against her mother for alderman.  If she cannot solve it, mama is going up for it.  I love how Reagan manages to upset everyone.  She leaves Boone befuddled.  She is not going to listen to Boone to keep her nose out of it but she knows the cop sent from Atlanta to handle the case is not going to look further than her mom so she does what she must.  I have so much fun watching Reagan and Kiki get into trouble and managing to survive.

DIED IN THE WOOL by Peggy Ehrhart

Died In The Wool - Peggy Ehrhart
To help the school athletics program raise funds, the Knit Club knits aardvark mascots to sell.  The day of the festival the richest neighbor is found murdered under the Knit Club's booth table with an aardvark lying on his chest.  Who is responsible?  Who wants to blame the Knit Club?  The group becomes the target of gossips and they will not let their group be denigrated.  So off they go to solve the crime.
I enjoyed this book.  As I get to know the characters I see their different personality quirks and how the fit together to make them a good group to hang with.  The men in their lives also have their quirks which is why some work together with Pamela and Bettina to find the murderer while their wives, who are members of the group, won't stoop to gossip.  It is a fun to watch how they receive the insults from the town and how they counteract them.  I look forward to the next segment.

GIFTS OF AN EAGLE by Kent Durden

Gifts Of An Eagle - Kent Durden
Raising a golden eagle in captivity teaches the Durdens much.  They teach Lady but she teaches them more.  They watch as learns and figures things out.  They also learn if and how she will parent.  Using this knowledge they film Lady and she stars in several Walt Disney productions as well as other Hollywood productions.  The Durdens also show that what Lady does is not a Hollywood script.
I loved this book.  It teaches but is full of humor especially towards the son.  He becomes Lady's enemy in her eyes while his dad is her mate especially during egg laying season.  When the family goes house hunting it is funny as the wife explains what they need for the eagle.  She'll be happy with two baths.  It is a quick read but informative and humorous and shows golden eagles in a way most of us have not seen.

MEET CUTE by Helena Hunting

Meet Cute - Helena Hunting
Cute rom-com of two people who meet in college and don't like one another but later in life meet through their profession of law.  Kailyn is a trust lawyer who becomes the conservator for Emme, Dax's sister, when they lose their parents in an accident.  Of course, nothing runs smoothly as there becomes a custody battle and battles between the siblings as Dax tries to be brother and father.
I enjoyed this story.  I did see from the beginning the who and why of the custody battle as well as the weapons that would be used.  I also saw the folly of Kailyn making partner and the sacrifice she would have to make.  I am glad the way the story ended.  I would read this author again.  This is a fun read.


Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat: Enemies #2 - Robb Mommaerts, Emily Chenoweth, Johnny Marciano
Just as good and funny as book 1.  Klawde has now found kittens that he will train as his troops so when he goes back to his planet he can take over with troops loyal to him.  However, his plan does not take into account his enemy has been exiled to Earth and plans to upset Klawde's evil plan.  Meanwhile Raj's NY past comes back to haunt him and cause him not to be so cool at school. 
I love this series.  This was just as much fun as the first book in the series.  Klawde is a riot.  His trials and tribulations made me laugh but he does not give up no matter how embarassing they are.  Of course, he does not expect his minions to do what they do.  Scary and I cannot wait for book 3.


In the Next Room, or the vibrator play - Sarah Ruhl

Farcical play with a doctor who helps women with hysteria.  He does not want his wife meeting his patients but she is in the thick of things as she meets his patients and their families.  Everyone misunderstands what others are saying leading to some comical scenes.  I enjoyed this play.  It was fun and a quick read.



Killer in Crinolines - Duffy Brown
Chantilly, the UPS driver, is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend Simon at his wedding to another woman.  Reagan knows she did not do it and sets out to prove it. 
I love these characters especially Aunt Kiki.  This time Chantilly has an admirer named Pillsbury who is in the Seventeenth Avenue gang and her father is an ex-cop.  But with Reagan and the boys in the hood looking out for Chantilly and Boone looking out for Reagan it is only a matter of time before the killer is brought to justice.  Lots of red herrings riddle this story and I never (along with Reagan) saw the murderer coming.  Never suspected that person.  Could understand the reason but never saw it coming.  This was fun and Boone is sweet on Reagan.

EDUCATED: A MEMOIR by Tara Westover

Educated - Tara Westover

Tara was raised on an isolated farm in Idaho. There she was homeschooled on occasion by her mother. Her dad has issues and was working on living off the grid. He supported the family by scrapping and building contracting. Her mother was a midwife and essential oil/homeopathy healer. When Tara was 16 she decided she wanted to go to school. She was able to go to BYU but there were many gaps in her education that needed to be filled. She was fortunate that in her second-year roommates she found that help. She then went on to Cambridge and Harvard.

This book was a fascinating read, like watching a train wreak--you know you should not look but it is impossible to look away. How Tara and her siblings were raised was horrific. That none died is a miracle. I am glad that Tara and some of her siblings got out and found lives in the outside world. Their dad had mental illness and their mother had a traumatic brain injury. They should not have been raising these kids. I loved when her brother Tyler spoke up in support of Tara when she would not come back into the fold and her parents spread lies about her. I am glad that Tara, Tyler, Richard, and Tony supported each other. They were the ones who got out. The others who stayed had issues and I am afraid some of the problems will continue to go down to the next generations.

I am glad I read this but it is tough as she talks about what they went through physically and mentally. I applaud them. I congratulate them on making it.

THE LOST PRINCE by Edward Lazellari

The Lost Prince - Edward Lazellari

Now knowing who the prince is, Cal and his band must find him before the others do. Stashing the kid in a safe place, Dredge tries to make a deal with Dorn but realizes Cal is the better option. Both sides find the prince and battle for him.

This was a good read. Cal has a lot of secrets he is hiding from Cat and, unfortunately, they are exposed. Cat becomes a pawn between the two groups. Betrayal rears its ugly head. Lives will change but how. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Cannot wait to read the next book.


The Book That Matters Most: A Novel - Ann Hood
Ava's husband has left her and her daughter is a drug addict.  With time on her hands, Ava joins a book group.  Their theme for the year is the book that matters most to each person.  Ava picks a book that is hard to find.
I enjoyed this book.  Ava learns about her past, herself, and her mother.  She discovers the answers to questions she has had.  She also learns the story of the book that matters most to her.  This is a keeper.


Innocent in Death - J.D. Robb
An old flame of Roarke's comes into town looking to rekindle the flame.  This causes problems between Eve and Roarke.  Her head says one thing but her heart says something else.  Eve now has to deal with jealousy.  Roarke does not understand why she feels the old flame is a problem and does not ease Eve's jealousy.  Meanwhile Eve has another murder to deal with.
I liked it.  Eve is so human in this book.  She's not happy with being so human.  She's a cop.  She does not feel jealousy.  She is also shutting out her "family" during this time.  For once she and Summerset are on the same side.  I figured out the who but not the why.  A good book!


The Other Lady Vanishes - Amanda Quick
Adrienne is committed to an asylum by her husband.  She escapes to a small town in California where she meets businessman Jacob who comes into the tea shop where she works.  Hollywood's elite come to the town for rest and relaxation where they use the services of the psychic to the stars who lives there.  Jacob and Adrienne are interested in the psychic, at first for different reasons, then to find out secrets from their pasts.
I enjoyed this book.  It has been a while since I read Amanda Quick and did not realize she moved from Regency romances to historical romantic suspense.  The flavor of the 1930's is captured in this book.  I loved Adrienne and Jacob.  The mystery was interesting and believable.  I did figure out the motives of some involved.  I want to read more in the series.


The Island of Sea Women - Lisa See
The women of Jeju Island off Korea's mainland dive to support their families.  Young-sook dives as a young girl with her mother to learn the trade as well as learn to take care of her family.  As a young married woman she dives to support her husband's family as well as her natal family.  Tragedy strikes at all seasons of her life and she learns to live with them and move on raising and supporting her family through it all.
This was a rough story to read.  I did not know much about WWII in the Pacific nor about Korea.  I learned a lot.  These islanders endured so much.  Nature can be hard but man is brutal.  She loses some she love to the sea but many more are lost to the brutality of man.  Young-sook had her pride and it takes her a long time to learn forgiveness.  When she does, she gains so much.  The story begins in 2008 then flashes back to different periods of her life.  She is a survivor but what a cost.

INSPECTOR FLYTRAP by Tom Angleberger and Cece Bell

Inspector Flytrap and The Big Deal Mysteries - Tom Angleberger, Cece Bell
A Venus Flytrap and a goat--who could imagine them as a PI partnership but it works.  Small vignettes of mysteries to be solved with the Venus Flytrap as the gumshoe and the goat as the sarcastic sidekick. 
This is different and unique.  The short vignettes will keep the attention of the early chapter book readers.  It's fun and unexpected in the duo.  I look forward to more.