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WILLOW SMOKE by Adriana Kraft

Willow Smoke (Riders Up Book 3) - Adriana Kraft

Daisy now trains horses at Arlington while attending college. When her favorite is sold, she is afraid she will not see him again. Nick, the new owner, had been thinking of selling the horse but when he sees Daisy with the horse, he changes his mind and wants Daisy to teach him about horses and horse racing. Daisy has baggage with her sister and brother-in-law. When Reggie realizes that Daisy has a golden egg with Nick, he wants his share and is not above threatening her through her sister.

I like Daisy. She is grown up and is independent. She still needs Cassie as a sounding board but she will make her own decisions and holds her cards close to her chest. She opens up with Nick but still will not tell him everything about her life. Nick knows she is withholding information but he is too afraid to lose her to push her. Being almost twice her age he is afraid of the age difference pushing her away is enough without any additional pressure of what she is hiding.

I like Nick. He is not involved with horses or racing unlike the other heroes of this series. He is a businessman and sees every aspect of his horse and future stable as a business but he has a soft spot for Daisy. He will do whatever it takes for her to be happy and comfortable.

This can be read as a standalone but you will get a greater sense of who Daisy is and where she comes from if you read book 1 first, Cassie's Hope. It sets up Daisy's story and gives her background and why she allows her sister and brother-in-law in her life. I have to say that this book for me was the most emotional one of the series so far. The last Macy's scene tore my heart apart. I cried and could not pick up another book for a short while. The scene lingered with me. I loved Nick's sensitivity and Daisy's vulnerability. I still get choked up when thinking about that scene.

Adriana Kraft has created memorable characters that linger long after the story has ended and I closed the book. She has done what an author should--brought me into the book's world and made me care about the characters so that my world will not be the same before their foray into it.