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CROOKED FANG by Carrie Clevenger

Crooked Fang - Carrie Clevenger
  Xan is the bassist for the rock group Crooked Fang. He is also a vampire. Someone is killing vampires. His past is also starting to catch up to him. What is going on?

I liked Xan. This story is definitely his story. There are secondary characters who share his life and space but they help only to move the story along. The world building is good. I knew Xan had a past and I learn of it as I read the story. Everything is given on a need-to-know basis.

I want to know what Xan's past is. What part does Nin play? How are their pasts connected to now?

This is the beginning of a series. A lot of questions remain but a solid setting is formed here. I look forward to more Crooked Fang