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A PLEASANT HELL by Angela Daniels

A Pleasant Hell - Angela Daniels

Sana is a succubus taking souls to hell. One day she is given a challenge--Joshua Connors, a human who is one step away from becoming an archangel. It is her job to corrupt him and keep it from happening.

I liked this story. The focus in on Sana and her life before and after Joshua. She is not the same succubus. Somewhere along the way she developed a conscience. Joshua is also not as pure as I thought. His dark side comes out with Sana's assistance.

This is Sana's story. I had a very clear picture of who Sana is. She likes being a succubus and she is good at it. She remains in character throughout the story but she is female and falls in love. She does what she must to keep her love safe. Had Heaven and Hell known about Sana and Joshua, something tells me they would have kept them far apart from each other.

I look forward to reading more of Angela Daniels.