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The Dark Portal - E.G. Foley

THE DARK PORTAL is the 3rd book of THE GRYPHON CHRONICLES by E. G. Foley. This time Jake and the gang travel to Wales to see Jake's estate and gold mine. While there Jake sees ghosts who haunt the mine school. While the ghosts do not have much faith in Jake's abilities it is up to him to discover why there is a pall over the school and how to handle it.

I enjoyed this story. I got caught up in it and wanted to know more of what was happening in Wales. I liked how more supernatural folk are introduced into the series. This time Jake meets the house brownies who take care of his estate when he is not there. He also meets the dwarves who mine the gold in his mine. There are also supernatural folk who Jake does not want to meet but does as he defends his friends and solves the mystery surrounding the school.

I like how Jake has to make choices of when to reveal his magic and to whom. His reasoning is thoughtful and deliberate. He is growing up somewhat. Jake and his friends defending the unicorn herd in Wales is not something they take lightly. They know what is at stake and the importance of doing what is necessary. When Jake discovers another medium in town I like how he goes undercover (so to speak) to discover if the medium is a fraud. I also like how Jake has to swallow his outrage when she discovers who Jake is.

I enjoy these people especially Jake, Archie, Dani, and Isabelle. They are kids but they are responsible and know their duty to protect others.