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Jake & the Gingerbread Wars (a Gryphon Chronicles Christmas Novella) - E G Foley

JAKE & THE GINGERBREAD WARS is a new must-read Christmas classic. This time Jake finds that an elf, Humbug, has run away from the North Pole and is creating mischief because he hates Christmas. Humbug wants to be a Halloween elf. Jake must return him to Santa.


Once again Jake takes the rest with him as he goes to the North Pole to return Humbug to Santa. Along the way they, naturally, run into trouble with yetis and Santa's granddaughter (didn't know he had one.) They are not sure they will stay alive to get to Santa never mind getting back in time to be in the Nativity play.


I like how myths from the Arctic Circle are blended into JAKE & THE GINGERBREAD WARS. I loved how Santa brings in the Nativity story as he answers Jake's question. There is even a little Shakespeare blended in here.


This is a feel good story with much that made me smile and a little that brought a tear to my eye. It is one that will bring a new Christmas tradition into my holiday season.