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BLACK ICE by Becca Fitzpatrick

Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick
  Britt and best friend Korbie are supposed to hike in the Tetons during their spring break. A storm comes up as they are driving to Korbie's parents' mountain lodge. They are stranded on the road and must find shelter. The hunting cabin they find is also occupied by two men who take them hostage in exchange for them getting the men off the mountain. When Britt realizes these are wanted men, what are the girls' lives worth?

I loved this book! The suspense builds as the story goes along. I thought I knew who was guilty but the twists and turns kept me guessing. Not only is Britt battling the men but she must also battle the weather and the mountain. I was on edge as I read wanting to know who was guilty, would Britt make it.

I loved Britt and eventually came to love Mason (I was predisposed to it from the beginning.) I could not stand Korbie or her brother Carl (spoiled brats who were given everything but love.) They were exactly the same and I could not see what Britt saw in them. Britt was strong physically and emotionally. She did not see herself as Mason did or as I did. She was awesome and she had a reason for everything she did. She is a good role model for young women.

I enjoyed BLACK ICE and plan on reading more Becca Fitzpatrick. She writes a good tight story that leaves you wanting more.