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DETOUR AHEAD by Adriana Kraft

Detour Ahead (Riders Up Book 4) - Adriana Kraft, Rebecca Poole
  This is Traci Steele's story. Cassie plays matchmaker to get Traci fixed with Scott McCord. She sends Traci out to California on a vacation and to help Scott discover who is harming the horses he has certified as being ready to race.

I enjoyed this story. I liked Traci vulnerability when it comes to romance and men because of her past. It is a contrast to her no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners attitude as a prosecuting attorney and investigator. I loved watching her outline the case and her instincts were right on. It was a good mystery. I also liked that I figured out who and why before the end of the story.

I loved Scott. His patience and tenderness were what Traci needed even if neither was very hospitable to the other at the beginning. I particularly liked how the story went from one viewpoint to the other so I always knew what each one was thinking about the other or the situation. I liked both their sensitivity to the other as situations developed throughout the story. Harsh words were spoken but how Scott and Traci handled those words was wonderful to watch This is a mature couple who have handled difficult situations in the past but have learned from them and do not give up what is important without a fight and serious soul-searching.

This book ends the Riders Up series. I will miss this series and these characters.