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MARKS ON MY SKIN: LOVE & INK 1 by J. A. Howell

Love & Ink: Marks On My Skin - J.A. Howell
  I loved this book! The intense scenes between Shayne and Kieran are so hot. Kieran has found his wife in bed with 5 men. She walks out on him as he begs her to stay and try to work their marriage out. He's such a mess that eventually his brother Niall steps in and sends him home to Rhode Island where he stays with his older brother Liam who owns a tattoo parlor with Shayne. He and Shayne feel an instant and strong attraction. Liam warns them both to stay away from each other but they cannot.

I loved Kieran and Shayne. Both are flawed with a lot of baggage. I like the trust they give each other. Shayne shares her past with Kieran. He accepts it and her. He does not try to change her. When he leaves her, he cannot leave her. She is always with him. It is through her that he finds the courage to do what he must to gain control over his life. When he does, he comes back and is able to take on her additional baggage even against Liam's feelings. When Shayne is most vulnerable, Kieran comes through with his strength and acceptance of her. She knows she can lean on him and he'll be there.

There is humor here, hence the lube incident. Niall was not kind during it but his actions are what a sibling does. The sex is intense and hot.

MARKS ON MY SKIN sets the bar high for the LOVE AND INK SERIES. I cannot wait for the rest of the books.