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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.

NASTY BUSINESS by Lisabet Sarai

Nasty Business - Lisabet Sarai
  Ruby and Rick want the same factory and they attempt to outmaneuver the other. I was not rooting for either one of them. They played games of one-upmanship to beat the other. They manipulated and hurt others in their quest to get what they wanted. When they finally set up a contest that involved only themselves, it got hot. It was also the first time each admitted to him or herself what they truly wanted. Both want to win, to dominate yet each also wants to submit to the other.

The secondary storyline with Ruby's assistant, Margaret, and Rick's housekeeper, Luna, was more fascinating for me. I looked forward to when they would return to the story. I liked them and I liked how they did not play games but Luna went for what she wanted. Margaret learned what she wanted.

I enjoyed the telling of the story from the three points of view--Ruby, Rick, and Margaret. I liked how they each saw the same actions but described the effect on them so it was a different tale.

A good read of dominance and submission and how it was not easy to realize what one desires.