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Rose Colored Dreams (Swinging Games Book 14) - Adriana Kraft
  Jen and Brett have expanded their group of friends. Rico and Angelica are part of their group. The friends have met up at the Kentucky Derby this time. Unfortunately, Carl becomes ill and has to bow out.

I like the horse racing world. I enjoyed learning about it and the betting as well as the possibility of horse ownership within the group. I appreciate that this group of friends is an eclectic one that includes all ages. Watching the group interact with one another and feeling the depth of friendship, love, and commitment between them gives me hope that age does not mean giving up playing or learning. I was worried when Carl got ill but the group takes it in stride and are able to rearrange their plans to ensure Carl does what is best for him.

I think it is wonderful that this group of friends includes those in their 30's, 50's, and 70's. It is good knowing that their ages do not mean they retire to rocking chairs nor does it mean that they put their careers ahead of anything else. I like seeing Jen and Brett work on their relationship as well as the relationships between their group members. I love the support they give one another. And the sex ain't bad either.

Another winner in this Swinging Game series. I look forward to more.