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WHEN KAT'S AWAY by Missy Martine

When Kat's Away - Missy Martine
  When Kat's Away picks up where Anna Doubles Down ends. Kat looks for Anna but cannot find her. She calls the cops but disappears before they can get there. She winds up at the same place Anna did but 28 years later. Here she meets Win and David.

I enjoyed Kat. She had qualms about getting involved with Win and David since David is Anna's biological son and Win, her adopted son. She tries not to get involved but the men have been waiting for her for 20 years and they are not going to lose her over her qualms. Watching her get over her ick factor of lusting over Anna's son, and Anna's less than enthusiastic response, gives light hearted moments. It is hard for Kat to deal with the loss of her modern comforts but she will persevere like Anna. Being followed by someone who is onto her secret is creepy.

I liked this story and look forward to the finish of the trilogy.