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FOREVER EVA by Missy Martine

Forever Eva (Anna Doubles Down, #3) - Missy Martine
  Forever Eva ends this series. Drawn into the vortex, Eva arrives in present-day Hamilton on the anniversary of Anna and Kat's disappearance. The two law enforcement agents are in the town to remember and hope the women will be found. When Eva pops into the cellar Tony and Zach are not sure whether or not to believe her.

I loved this book. Watching Eva adjust to the 2lst Century, and compare it to what Anna told her, is delightful. She is so innocent. Determined to find her prince charmings, she is certain Tony and Zach are hers. Zach believes her easily. Tony does not. Spending time individually and together with the men, she comes to know they are fated to be one. This union is not without hazards. The most hazardous is a co-worker of Tony's who wants him and plots to get him. When choices have to be made, Eva hopes the three of them are in agreement.

This was my favorite book of the trilogy. I knew the characters and was rooting for them. I liked knowing what happened with Anna and Kat. I also liked knowing what happened to the "villains" of the tale. A good read and a good series.