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BREAKAWAY by Catherine Gayle

Breakaway - Catherine Gayle
  Dana goes to Eric for help to regain herself and her place in the world. That would be fine if Eric was not trying to get his team into the Stanley Cup playoffs as the season comes to a close. But he cannot deny her. He wants to see her back to her old self as much as she wants it. He'll do anything for her even if it is not the best thing for him.

I loved Dana and Eric. Dana had been a star hockey player in college until she was raped after a game. She has isolated herself and now her therapist has said it was time to find a sex surrogate to help her reclaim her sexuality because they had done as much as they could with regular therapy. Dana could not do that so she turned to Eric for that help. Eric's reaction was so realistic. I loved Dana's being upfront about what she wanted and why though it made her push her boundaries. Eric's sensitivity is beautiful. He is afraid but willing to help. Ms. Gayle does a beautiful job with Dana's reactions. Nothing is rushed and I felt the pain Dana did as she struggles to overcome the rape. Ms. Gayle has done a fantastic job showing Eric struggling as much as Dana as he tries not to scare her and yet push her to get over her fears. I felt his anxiety, fear, and pain as he watches Dana's panic attacks. Their struggle to put the past in the past and create a future is well done. I completely understand Dana's lack of communication with Eric as she figures out what she wants and keeps thinking he will never see her as a woman. She has closed down because of the rape and now wants to come out of her self-imposed cocoon. I loved watching as she pushed herself past her comfort zone.

Watching her develop relationships within the network of families of the players and the players themselves is interesting. She dismisses those who are the "mean girls" and works with and develops friendships with those who are welcoming. I appreciated the relationships she developed with some of the players. Babs is living with Eric so she gets used to him as a kid brother. I really appreciated Jonny who worked on self-defense with her and did it in a non-threatening way so she had skills to use but was comfortable learning those skills. Her brother was an out-and-out jerk. He needed a good kick in the rear.

The ending brought me to tears. I was so emotionally involved with Dana and Eric I could do nothing else. If the rest of the series is as well done, I will be hard pressed to walk away from this series.