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THE RENEGADE'S HEART by Claire Delacroix

The Renegade's Heart - Claire Delacroix

Murdoch is under a curse of the Fae Queen. He has only one more moon to live and he will either die or become fae. Neither choice appeals to him. Before his fate is decided he will do one last quest for his brother--bring back the religious relic that was stolen from them. Going to the Kinfairlie to retrieve the relic, he meets Isabella, the laird's sister. She knows her brother is lying but also telling the truth. She decides to help Murdoch in his quest.

I enjoyed this story. It was not one that I could not put down but when I picked it up I was reluctant to leave Kinfairlie. This is a new series with characters from previous books. I have not read the previous books but I had no problem following the story and placing the people where they belonged. Isabella is a heroine worthy of her knight. That Murdoch is the right one for her is not to be questioned. They complement each other well.

The secondary characters are interesting. Some have had their stories told. Some will have their stories told in this series. Their personalities are glimpsed here and whet the appetite to see more of them. There is a paranormal element in this series with the Fae. Some set up of the future stories is laid here. I'm anxious to see how they end.

Good world building is done here. I am going to say you should read this story first then go on to the rest of the series. The rules of the Fae and mortal worlds are laid out here.