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Bridget and the Voodoo Queen (Bridget Series Book 1) - J.R. Luxor
  Bridget goes to New Orleans to interview the Voodoo Queen, Mama Lola Mau. Mama gives her an amulet. Bridget must discover the power of amulet on her own.

This has an interesting premise. It was nothing like I expected. I like that Bridget is there to help and do good. Bridget is a storyteller. As she meets new people or meets up again with old friends she has a story that gives her insight into them. Occasionally she does tell a story. She pulls you into the story. There is sex here but it fits the story and is the right amount.

I liked the secondary characters. I am glad the Bridget was able to help some of them get together and keep others from getting hurt.

The story is interesting. It starts as small vignettes of Bridget and Mama, Bridget and Mama's family, Bridget, Blondie, and Jean Philip, and ends with Bridget, Travis, and Lydia. But there is an overarching story of Bridget's career as a videographer. Lydia sets up that story. Their search to discover if Lydia's theories are correct was fascinating. That storyline pulled me in and I wanted to hear more of it. I could have done without some of the early vignettes and read more of Lydia's theories and their search for the truth.

The story does not feel finished. It is not a cliffhanger but I can see where a sequel and a series could be easily developed. I want to read more of Bridget.