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PALADIN'S PRIZE by Gaelen Foley

Paladin's Prize (Age of Heroes, Book 1) - Gaelen Foley
  Gaelen Foley's newest book gives us a new genre to enjoy her writing. PALADIN'S PRIZE combines sci-fi/fantasy within a medieval world. It is LORD OF THE RINGS meets CAMELOT (okay, maybe not as epic.) While not knowing what to expect I dove into this world of knights, healers, light and dark. A whole world comes to life as Veraidel and its story is revealed on an as-need-to-know basis.

This is a departure from the Regency world Ms. Foley usually writes of but she captured the flavor of the medieval world. The cadence and rhythm of her story telling changes with this world. She speaks in a different voice that shows the ideal nobility and chivalry of the people of that period.

Chivalry, honesty, and purity define Sir Thaydor. Virtue, charity, and innocence define Wrynne du Mere. Thrown together because of evil deeds Wrynne saves Thaydor, bonding each to the other. Through their journey to save the king and his kingdom we learn who they are and what they stand for. At times light and dark must come together as one to defeat the evil that wants their world. Watching how the two sides work together to achieve victory over that evil fascinated me, especially when distrust had to be overcome.

The characters are well defined. The world building fantastic. The ideals that Thaydor and Wrynne live by are black and white; there is no gray in their light-filled world. Since Thaydor is used as an example to the other knights, he lives what he preaches. Departing from the male knows everything there is to know in the bedroom, I loved that Thaydor is almost as untested in the bedroom as Wrynne and that he doubts himself (of course, it true romance fashion, he is as accomplished there as the most notorious rake.) There is an innocence between Thaydor and Wrynne that is beautiful to watch as they go from unknowns to a couple.

With PALADIN'S PRIZE setting up the AGE OF HEROES setting, I look forward to more of these folks. There are secondary characters whose stories (past and future) I want to know. This promises to be a fun ride!