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Bridget on Treasure Island (Bridget series Book 2) - J.R. Luxor
  This is the second book in Bridget's series. This story picks up where BRIDGET AND THE VOODOO QUEEN left us. You do need to read that one first. Lydia's research has led them into more information about aliens using the earth as a storage facility. I'm glad because I was fascinated with that story line and I wanted to see more of it. I was equally fascinated by what happens this time. It becomes more detailed and thrilling as this story line progresses.

The beginning was a little slow as Bridget's work with divorcing couples is highlighted. The sex is hot as Bridget counsels the couples but I wanted the main story line to kick in sooner than it did. Once the Lydia's alien story line starts then the action and adventure runs the story. Bridget now has a love interest who is included in their group and is as interested in following the alien story as the three of them. There is the secondary story line of Bridget's being fired for being too good a counselor that is left open and I want to see where that goes. There may be another story line opening at the end of this tale that looks promising.

I am enjoying this series. Bridget is an interesting woman and I want to see what she does with her work and hobbies.