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NOT ALWAYS A SAINT by Mary Jo Putney

Not Always a Saint (Lost Lords) - Mary Jo Putney
  Jessie needs a husband quickly to keep the threat towards her daughter from happening. Daniel, a surgeon and newly a Baron, wants a wife so he can remain a surgeon and she can handle his estates. Will either get what they want?

I enjoyed this story. It can be read as a standalone but it is more fulfilling to read in order so you know the back story of the other characters in this story especially Laurel, his sister. I loved Dr. Daniel Herbert. He is so refreshingly honest about what he wants to do but he will do his duty and his best to find a wife so that she can run his estates while he does surgery and helps the poor. Jessie is complicated. She is more than a pretty face but she holds many secrets and Daniel wonders if he will ever learn them all. She is honest up to a point. It is that up to a point that held my interest especially when the point loses its sharpness and Jessie's past catches up with her and the doctor. That held me at the edge of my seat to see if they would get through it and have a future.

The secondary characters are an interesting mix of old and new. I do not know how Jessie was so unfortunate to run into the worst society had. The returning characters were like old friends who I wanted to visit and renew acquaintance. The story had a sweetness to it. I felt happy reading it even as Daniel and Jessie struggle. I got my HEA but I also liked that it did not have the overdone epilogue where Daniel and Jessie had several children and life was good. The ending was perfect for this book especially as Daniel was more than a surgeon. It was right for them