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A JADE'S TRICK by Lilly Black

A Jade's Trick (Jaded Book 1) - Lilly Black
  Evan won't give Cain the time of day as she figures he is a playboy who is only looking for another notch on his bedpost. He finally gets through her defenses and has her seeing him for himself not a composite of those who have hurt her in the past. Their relationship is unlike any either has had in the past and their future looks bright.

I liked this book. I hated the cliffhanger ending. I want, and am not waiting patiently for book 2. I liked Evan and Cain. Both are strong willed. Both protective of themselves but they opened up for each other. Even when they looked like they were breaking up, they managed to get through the anger and eventually talk the problem through. Cain has too many secrets. Evan is insecure but finally opens up about her past. I really thought after that breakthrough they would make it work. Unfortunately, the ending came and it was not what I expected or wanted. I was in agony from it. Actually I was p*ssed by it.

The story is believable. The BDSM works well within their relationship. While Cain is dominate most of the time, Evan has her share of dominance. Cain's eyes are opened by Evan's play. Evan discovers and owns her sexuality.

There are some secondary story lines I want to see play out--Nicole and Caleb, the past, the murder, the exes, and the future. What does it hold for them? Right now, I hope Evan sticks it to Cain, I am so mad at him