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Tall, Hard and Trouble: 2 Scintillating Romantic Suspense Tales (Tall, Hard and Romantic Book 1) - Cerise DeLand

This set of romantic suspense starts with NO NIGHT WITHOUT YOU.  Tate Ryder wants Anna Stevens but will not break his own rule of do not get involved with the staff.  His rule goes out the window when he sees Anna attacked in the garage of his penthouse.  Spiriting her away on his yacht to Mexico, they try to figure out who wants Anna dead.


I liked these two characters.  Anna always kept to herself and was cautious of others for many years because of her secret.  Tate gets her to open up to him physically and emotionally.  Together they make a strong team.  The story was believable.  When the two of them are chased I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know who and why.  I loved the ending and loved the build-up of the tension and suspense.


The second story is NO NIGHT TOO LONG.  Grant goes into a meeting and finds the woman who ran out on him three years previously is an integral part of the meeting and his getting the security job.  As they spend time together and lay the past to rest, Grant learns what Coco does.  She is in danger and he is not willing to let her go alone no matter how much she protests.


Grant and Coco are well matched.  They read each other so well that I expected each one to finish the other’s sentences.  I liked that neither let the past rest when they are reunited.  They get it out into the open and it gives them a fresh start.  I loved the teasing in the bedroom.  The story line had me hooked once Coco reveals her past and the danger she is in currently.  I did not trust anyone associated with Coco. 


Cerise DeLand does romantic suspense well.  She was believable in her story lines and kept me on the edge of my seat as the danger comes full blast at our heroes and heroines.  I look forward to reading more of her romantic suspense.