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VAMPIRE THIRST by Ella J. Phoenix

Vampire Thirst - Ella J. Phoenix
  This series picks up where book 1 left off. You must read these in order. This is Sam and Hikuro's story at the beginning.

I enjoyed this book. The world building continues and it is done very well. I appreciated the quick review of the last book from Sam's point of view at the beginning. I also liked that her back story is also begun. More of the back stories of these characters come through during this book. I loved that the book is done in three parts so I did not have to go back and forth between stories. The first part is Sam and Hikuro. The second part is Zoricah and Tardieh and what they are doing to find the guilty parties to the kidnappings as well as where their relationship is at that point. The final part is both story lines coming together. There are still loose ends that need to be closed but there are more books coming. I look forward to reading them.

These characters are good characters. Some are of the same species but others come from different species. They have to learn to work together. Their communication skills needs a lot of work. All the characters have prejudices but they are finding their preconceived ideas are not necessarily true.

The story arc moves along at a good pace. There are several story lines with each of the couples and a main story arc about the kidnappings and experiments which carries over into this book. Another story line starts in this book but I am starting to see how it may fit in to the overall arc of the books. Looking forward to sitting down and reading book 3.