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INTERLUDE WITH A BARON: A Regency Romp - Cerise DeLand

Dray wants to fix the past and make the present and future better for Emma.  She just wants to forget the past and remain obscure to the ton.  But Dray will have her as his wife.


I enjoyed these two characters.  Both have a shared past that has left scars.  Both have their thoughts about a future together.  They don't agree but somehow they manage to have what both want.  I like that Emma was not a pushover.  Her past has made her stronger and she is not afraid to show that strength.  Dray feels guilt for his role in her past and will do anything for her forgiveness and to have her as his wife.  When Dray's actions from the past come to light during the present, I thought is was marvelous that he accepted Emma's reading of it and did not force himself upon her to make her change her actions.  I liked that he respected her to allow her the freedom to choose her actions.


The is a fun read.  As Dray is trying to keep Emma from finding out about his past and present actions, I chuckled at his solutions.  I felt as though I was watching a play that was a comedy of errors and at any moment the whole farce would come down.  It took Emma a little while to connect the dots but when she did she spoke up and called Dray on the carpet for it.  I was delighted as I read this story. 


I could not help but fall in love with these two, delightful as they were.  I'm sorry to see the Regency Romp series end.