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AU NATUREL by Ernestine Winn

Au Naturel (Siren Publishing Allure) by Ernestine Winn (2011-12-13) - Ernestine Winn

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  Hot story! Mary and Max are having a hard time making ends meet with Max out of work. He sees an ad for nude models and tells Mary about it. While resistant at first she decides to try it as they need the money. Max also tries it. As they get further into the nude industry their lives change.

I liked Max and Mary. Max did make me mad when he goes on a spending spree as Fred, the owner of the company they are working for, told Mary he would. I liked the behind-the-scenes look at how people get into the business of nude modeling and then go further than they expected to go. I also liked how Mary and Max had their questions into their own motives as well as the others' motives and actions. I appreciated seeing the raw emotions of Mary as Max goes on his spending spree and Max's fears of Mary leaving him.

I enjoyed the story. I liked most of the secondary characters. I will be reading Ms. Winn again