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DREAM OF ME by Gaelen Foley and Jaz Kennedy

Dream of Me (Harmony Falls, Book 1) - Gaelen Foley, Jaz Kennedy

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  Bea is trying to buy her grandparents' farm but no matter how hard she works she just cannot seem to get the money together. Now a multimillionaire sends his right-hand man up to make them an offer that is hard to refuse. Harry meets Bea as she is working her roadside stand not knowing she is the grandchild standing between the farm and his boss. When she discovers why he is in town, all bets are off on who will win.

I enjoyed this story. It sets the stage for the Harmony Falls series. The world building is good. While the town is fictional, there are a lot of references to the surrounding Western Pennsylvania area that I liked. Harry and Bea are good as they meet first as possible romantic partners then as adversaries for the farm then as allies. I was furious with Harry when he let Bea go into a meeting with his boss alone, knowing what his boss was like. He deserved the uncertainty he felt after that. Bea did not. The secondary characters are fun. I look forward to reading more of their stories and spending time in Harmony Falls.