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BELONG TO ME by Gaelen Foley and Jaz Kennedy

Belong to Me (Harmony Falls, Book 2) - Gaelen Foley, Jaz Kennedy

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  This is book 2 of the Harmony Falls series. Zander is hired to provide helicopter flying lessons to America's sweetheart, Kate Watson. Kate is looking to move from making romantic comedies to making action/adventure movies. She has a bet with her co-star about doing her own flying stunts in her current movie. Zander is unlike anyone else she has ever met. He is not awe-struck by her. He treats her the same as he treats everyone else. Both discover how wrong their preconceived ideas about the other are.

I liked this story. I loved these characters. Both are vulnerable. There outer shells hide their true selves. When they find themselves in danger, they end up opening up to each other as they work to get home. The action/adventure scenes had me on the edge of my seat. I liked how they open up to each other many times through the story. I liked how the character voice jumped between Zander and Kate. I also liked that both had been raised with religion in their homes and that they honored their parents' beliefs and practices and in their own way practiced their religions. It was a natural part of the story, something that is rarely shown in romance (unless it is inspirational romance.) These are people who are similar to me and I could relate to them.

I look forward to returning to Harmony Falls for book 3.