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CITY OF THE ABSENT by Robert W. Walker

City of the Absent - Robert W. Walker

Inspector Ransom must find a serial killer who is responsible for a Pinkerton agent as well as the mayor in Chicago dying.  As his investigation goes on, his enemies all over him trying to derail him and his investigation.


I liked this book.  I did not realize until I was a chapter or two into the story that this is the third installment of Inspector Ransom series.  I could follow it without a problem.  I would have understood some references to past cases and actions had I read the books in order but it still made sense.  I liked Ransom.  He is aggressive but intelligent as he follows leads.  I liked Jane who disguises herself as a male doctor and helps in Ransom's investigations.


The story was good.  Having read THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY by Eric Larsen, I have an interest in stories set during the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.  Mr. Walker stayed true to those times and the event.  I was also yelling at Ransom because we readers know who the killer is and why from the beginning and Ransom is missing the killer while near the killer.  For the record, Ransom paid no attention to me telling him who and why on the killings. 


The only thing I hated (because this is a 5 star story but this is what makes it a 4) is the ending.  I wanted to know if Ransom defeated his enemies and we are left with questions.  There is no book 4.  I hope a book 4 may come out one day because I have that enquiring mind that wants to know.