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NO SUMMIT OUT OF SIGHT by Jordan Romero and Linda LeBlanc

No Summit out of Sight: The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits - Jordan Romero, Linda LeBlanc
This tells the story of Jordan Romero who started climbing the Seven Summits plus one when he was 10.  He finished when he was 15 setting records on several of the Summits.
I liked his perseverance.  He set his goal of climbing all the Summits and made it. 
His parents were remarkable helping him to achieve his goal through training, fund-raising, and doing whatever it took to get the permits and equipment.   Seeing them work as a family was fantastic.  His stepmother was always offering encouragement.  His mother was a typical mother--worrying about his safety but she saw the drive and determination and change in him through these climbs.  I enjoyed the history of the mountains and the climbing of them as he began each Summit.  At times it did get a little preachy about healthy lifestyle but I understand where he is coming from. 

Since I will not be climbing the Seven Summits plus one, I was glad to be an armchair traveler as Jordan recounts his experiences on his training, his climbing, and the aftermath of each success.  I learned a lot.