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THE STORY OF O by Pauline Reage

Story of O - Pauline Réage, Sabine d'Estree
O is the slave of Rene who then passes her on to Sir Steven, his friend.  O is taught how to be obedient to these men but these men are irresponsible.  I know people in the lifestyle and as the reader described the two endings for the story abandonment would not occur to the Masters.  A responsible Master cares for his slave.
I did like the beginning as it told the history of The Story of O as well as what critics have said.  I liked O, Ann Marie, and Natalie.  Hated Jacquelinn from the beginning--she was a user.  I came hate Rene and Sir Steven for their lack of caring for O (physical as well as emotional.)  It is a story of its time but this is not the way a responsible pairing occurs.