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STORY THIEVES by James Riley

Story Thieves - James  Riley
Bethany is able to go into and out of books easily.  Owen sees her and wants to go into his favorite book with her.  Now Owen is the main character in the Kiel Gnomenfoot while Kiel is outside his book with Bethany.  It is up to Owen to finish Kiel's adventure.  Can he do it without readers finding out about the switch and will Bethany be able to get the characters back into the book?
This reminded me of The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer but it is more modern and sci-fi/fantasy in its story.  I liked Bethany and can understand her hesitation with Owen.  Owen certainly lives in his head and sees himself as Kiel but can he really do everything Kiel does.  The villains are hiss-worth and evil when their actions are shown.  Who can we trust?  Of course, it is down to almost the last page before we find out who wins and who loses. 
I had a hard time getting into the story at first because I had just finished The Land of Stories:  The Return of the Enchantress a few weeks before reading this.  But I stuck with it and it got better especially as we meet the Magister, Mr. Nobody, and the author of Kiel Gnomenfoot's series.  The action and adventure are there--even a little Star Wars.  I look forward to reading more of this series.