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SWITCH: THE TRAINER by Kate Richards

Switch : The Trainer - Kate Richards

Esme and Rick's marriage may be headed toward divorce unless he grows up. Esme talks to Rick about Domestic Discipline and they decide to try it. Rick is unable to spank Esme so they go to The Trainer to learn. At first Esme is not sure spanking is all it's cracked up to be but with the second lesson she is finding it more arousing. Then Rick goofs up and Esme is ready to walk away but she talks with The Trainer and some changes are made.


I liked Esme and The Trainer. Rick--not so much. I have to admit to wanting Esme to walk away from Rick and go with The Trainer. He was hot! I liked his lessons and his patience. Esme had to learn a new way to relate to Rick and I am glad she turned to The Trainer. He was able to teach without being judgmental. I'd like him in my life.

I look forward to reading more of Kate Richards.