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COMPLEXITIES by Adriana Kraft

Complexities [Swinging Games] - Adriana Kraft

Jen and Brett's neighbors and best friends, Ryan and Donna, find out they are swinging. Donna feels hurt and betrayed as she accuses Jen of not telling her everything. Ryan seems interested in swinging. The next few days have them all processing what happened that night before Donna comes over and asks about how Jen got into swinging and how it works. Ryan asks Brett about the same things after their golf game. Jen and Donna have a session but both Jen and Brett declare they do it only as a couple with all people involved agreeing. The four have a play date together to see if they are compatible. Seems they are but Donna may gum up the works with her attitude.


I liked how problems with swinging come out. There's questions about stress on a long-time friendship and how to go on with the friendship if the swinging does not work. There is also the problem of possessiveness. Jen and Brett have to decide what boundaries they will set. Donna and Ryan have to decide if they will look for their own play partners. Then decisions have to be made on mixing with partners. I liked Jen's answers to Brett's questions about Donna and others. I hope they are able to work out the future because they were fun to share my reading time with Jen and Brett also.