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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.


Dangerous Curves: The Ultimate Curvy Collection - Skye Eagleday

These are short stories some of which are interconnected. All involve a big, beautiful woman and a man who likes them curvy. Some of the characters are Latino. Others are Native Nations, Others are paranormal creatures. I liked them most of them.


The first story, Loving a Wounded Hero, deals with a returned veteran who is hospitalized with war wounds and his physical therapist. She has been the only one who has stayed with him and gotten through to him. I liked Clay and Kloe. He may be an SOB at times, but Kloe is just as stubborn as him. She breaks through his walls and lets him be a man despite how messed up his thinking is.


Next comes How Bad Can a Cowboy Be? Kathy has inherited a dude ranch from her mother and goes to see it. She meets the resident cowboys. She has preconceived notions about the personnel at the ranch. She finds out she is wrong plus she and her mother had the same tastes. Meanwhile, her cousin Bree, who is also her roommate, is a counselor at summer camp where she meets Jesse. Since all the women flock to Jesse, Bree wants nothing to do with him. When she finally has him, she realizes she was wrong about him wanting a big woman. I like Kathy and Bree. They are free from societal conventions and open to enjoying themselves. Although not quite as free as Bree's sister Delia, who we meet in the next story.


The next story, Dominatrix and her Cowboy, is connected through the people with How Bad Can a Cowboy Be? Delia, who is Bree's sister, has gone to the Pendleton Round-Up to take care of her family's tepee for a day while they are away. A drunk cowboy wanders into her tepee while she is getting her luggage for the night. She finds him in her tent, explains the tepee was no historical exhibit, and punishes him for his error. Delia is harder to like than Bree. Delia just takes charge and expects people to do what she wants them to do.


Loved by a Cowboy is a standalone story. Tony Biggs, a rodeo star, stars in a music video. He becomes even more known but his world collapses when his wife dies. He starts keeping company with Jack Daniels. One night he goes to a neighborhood restaurant/bar where he gets drunk. Claudine, daughter of the owners, drives him home. Her truck won't start, and the weather is getting back so she stays the night at Tony's. She makes him dinner then goes to bed in the guest room. He takes a blanket into her room and is attracted to her. What's he going to do about it? I had some problems with this one as he did not have consent. She was okay with it as she had wanted him a long time, but I think he should have woken her up and asked first.


Handyman Loving was another standalone story. Toby is hired by Bettina to remodel her kitchen. She is highly attracted to him, so instead of remaining in the kitchen and staring at him, she goes back to one of her bedrooms and uses her battery-operated boyfriend. Toby has a question and goes to find her. When he does, she is fulfilling her fantasy of him. He's drawn to her and does as she asks, only to find out she was fantasizing. He lets her know she is his dream, and they let their feelings go. I liked Toby. He does have second thoughts about what he is doing to her as she sleeps and gets a shock to find out she was not sleeping but things work out for them.


Messing with the Missionary Man is about a stepbrother and stepsister finding out they like each other before he goes on his mission. I did not like this one. It was not as erotic as the rest of them. I did not like the characters. Aaron seemed to coerce Jessi. The story did not flow smoothly into the erotic like Loved by a Cowboy and Handyman Loving even though consent was iffy in all three stories.


The last story is interconnected with Bree and Delia again. Bree is camping and trying out a new BOB when Mikah's pack is taking a Run during the full moon. He smells her along with four other pack members and goes to her tent. Bree invites Mikah in not knowing he is a werewolf. They begin a relationship and get engaged. Delia goes camping also but being the Dominatrix she is, her camping trip is different. She's waiting for the werewolves to appear and gives them a welcome they'll never forget. She also gets a reputation that none of the wolves will challenge. Mikah and Bree marry. At their wedding, new information comes out about Bree and Delia's family from their grandmother. I liked this story. I liked the different points-of-view. I like Bree and Mikah. They bring out the best in each other. Both get want they need and want. Delia also gets what she wants. She can dominate as much as she wants and not have to worry about permanent injury.


I liked Skye Eagleday's writing. I enjoyed the little she shared about Native Nations. I look forward to reading more of her.