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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.

Reads from this week ending 2/9/14

The first book I finished this week was THE AZTEC INCIDENT:  RECOVERY AT HART CANYON by Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, a non-fiction book. 




  Interesting read about a UFO crash and recovery near Aztec, NM in 1948. The authors did their research well. They provided documentation. I liked the folksy style of the writing. It made me feel like it was a neighbor or friend telling me the story. I also liked that the writing was easy to understand. I did not have to be familiar with UFO's, technology, engineering, or science to understand what was being said. Proofreading could have been better but it did not detract from the story being told. Fascinating read!


I then did a beta read for an author.  When the book is published I'll put my review out for it.


My third read this week was a children's book, MOONBEAK AND JACOB--ADVENTURE BOOK 3:  GET OSCAR HOME by Ronald Rogers.




Cute story of helping others. The illustrations go wonderfully with the story. Each page has its own picture. Not only do children learn how to help but they also learn to travel with safety so they will get home. Nice for children 1-5.


My final read this week is Jenn McKinlay's BOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING, a cozy mystery.


Good set up for A Library Lover's Mystery series. There is a cast of a thousand here but she does excellent world building for her series. We are introduced to the townspeople of Briar Creek, CT and learn the relationships. We get the past of some but it is not detailed. I liked these characters and am planning to read other books in the series (I've already got them.) I like Lindsey. I'll have to see where romance may lie for her. I also like her friends. This time Beth, a college friend and the children's librarian in Briar Creek, is the only suspect in the murder of awarding winning author Rick Eckman. Lindsey knows that Chief Daniels is not planning on looking beyond Beth so she knows she has to help. I did figure out who the murderer was but not the why. I liked how the mystery played out. Good start for the series.