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I love to read. I am very eclectic in my reading but I especially enjoy erotica and erotic romance. I also like movies, live theater and concerts, hockey, and counted cross-stitch.

Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally

Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally
  I enjoyed this continuation of The Hundred Oaks series.  Parker's mom has divorced her husband when she is tired of living a lie.  She moves in with her female lover and Parker and her family have to live with the gossip and judging by others.  Parker is having a hard time dealing with it and quits softball.  She argues with her dad about going to church also.  She feels more alone as she has a fight with her best friend, Drew, who will not listen to her explanations.  I liked this story.  I like how Parker has a crush on the baseball coach and tries to begin a relationship with him.  She also is falling for one the of baseball players who is on the team she is managing at school.  She's trying not to betray her best friend and is trying to get her dad to open his eyes to the problems of her older brother, Ryan.  When it looks like she has lost everything, she listens to the answer to her prayers and calls her mom.  Her mom is very clear-eyed and open.  She tries to help Parker see that much that happened was not Parker's fault and that Parker is not responsible for the choices others make.  I liked how religion is brought into the story.  It is not preachy but very realistic in the portrayal of what works and what does not.  I liked that Parker grew up during this story and we saw the process.  I keep hoping that her dad opens his eyes.