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Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption - Laura Hillenbrand

In a word, FANTASTIC!  I had never heard of Louis Zampirini and his 1936 Olympics.  Laura Hillenbrand brings his story to life from his early years of trouble to his brother working with him running to keep him out of trouble.  Louis is an extraordinary runner, breaking many records.  He has a chance to make the Olympic team but it will take a lot of work as well as luck to do it.  He does it. 


Then comes World War II and Louis gets drafted and sent to Hawaii.  After flying so many missions and having his plane shot at but never down, he and his crewmates finally get the Green Hornet and crash in the ocean.  Louis, Phil (the pilot), and Mac (another crewman) are the only survivors.  They float for weeks in two rafts.  After that harrowing adventure they finally are rescued but only to be put in a Japanese POW camp.  As we live with Louis during his time in the POW camp, I can honestly say I think it was worse than they said and what they went through was gruesome.  I am surprised any of them made it out alive. 


Louis does make it out alive and we are with him as he rebuilds his life after the war.  He dealt with his problems with alcohol.  One day his wife convinces him to go with her to hear the Rev. Billy Graham.  Wow, what a turnaround in Louie's life.  I felt that I knew this man.  Laura Hillenbrand's writing style puts you right into the action of a life.  I will never hesitate to read her again.  Whether it's on the back of Seabiscuit or in a Japanese POW camp, I feel I am there and it is happening to me personally.  This is definitely a book for everyone's TBR pile