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Smoke and Mirrors: The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers by C. R. Harris

Smoke and Mirrors - The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers - C. R. Harris
  Chloe is a French journalist who has remarried an Algerian, Walid. He is often missing but she figures it is because he will travel to appraise art and determine if his client would want it. Now it seems there are government agents after her and not just French ones. She has been given a story from a friend in America about the deaths of bioscientists who have been studying DNA and biological weapons. What is scaring the governments about her research of her story?

This is a fascinating book. She has used documents about this as the basis of her story. It is truly chilling that this research is going on. It is also chilling that the spies work together when it is in their best interests and turn a blind eye if what is occurring does not affect their work and goals. I liked Claire. She is a pawn but she works the different angles of the story as the spies and she work each other. I never could tell what angle her husband, Walid, was working. Was he innocent as he claimed? Was he also a pawn? Was he more involved than anyone knew? I liked how the story switched between the characters and the places of the novel. The story is Chloe's but there is much going on behind the scene that we readers know about but Chloe does not.

The proofreading and editing hurt the story. There were times when I had to re-read sections because the scene changed between sentences in the middle of a paragraph. Some parts could have used more fleshing out to clarify what was happening and who was involved in the story.

This is a story that should be read. I fell into the story and wanted to know what was happening and why. It is very timely.