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TEARS OF DECEIT by Regis Schilken

Tears of Deceit - Regis Schilken
  The crucifix at St. Paul's is crying tears. Is it a miracle? Lots of people want to believe it. There are doubters though. It seems strange that two people have died since the tears appeared. What is causing the deaths? Can the local police figure it out?

I enjoyed Tears of Deceit. I liked the characters. I liked Jim, the local cop who thinks that the deaths may not be the results of accidents. I liked Father Kerr. He is a doubter but he keeps an open mind. I liked how the monks where the cross had been refurbished years earlier are brought into the story. Interesting group of men. The mystery surrounding the crucifix and the deaths is believable. It was a wonderful story.

What I had a hard time with was the dialogue. It was stiff and stilted. Some the thought processes also were stilted. When the prose focused on the mystery, it was good. I hated when dialogue appeared. It was not natural.

I enjoyed the Western Pennsylvania setting and liked how I could identify where the story is taking place. I also liked the facts given about the area and its history. I learned some new things.

This is a good story and mystery. With experience the dialogue will get better. It is worth reading.